Kerala School Kalolsavam2022-23 will be celebrated as a grand festival in schools all over Kerala. It has been decided at the government level to organize State Level School Kalolsavam for the academic year 2022-23 at various venues in Kozhikode from January 3rd to 7th.

This unique festival will be conducted from school level to state level and will be monitored by the Education Department of Kerala. Looking back into the history of the festival in the last 51 years it can be found that the Kerala School Kalolsavam has advanced much in spirit and conduct. It is a stupendous opportunity for students to express their talent at the school, sub district, district and state levels.

Kerala School Kalolsavam began in 1956-57 when Dr.C.S.Venkiteswaran was the DPI. New items were added to the festival in later years and Kerala School Kalolsavam Manual and guidelines were prepared by experts in the field.

Kerala School Kalolsavam Manual

The latest edition of the Kerala School Kalolsavam Manual features a few noteworthy modifications. For youth festival activities, grades will be assigned as they have been for academic level activities. As a result, those with scores of 80% or higher will receive an A grade, those with scores of 70 to 79% will receive a B grade, and those with scores of 60 to 69% will receive a C grade. More generally State-level A-grade winners will get cultural scholarships, the value of which will be determined by the government. At the high school (HS) level, there would be 89 total items and 15 categories. There are 98 competition pieces over 14 categories at the Higher Secondary (HSS/VHSS) level. All children who placed in writing contests at the school level would be given the opportunity to compete at the sub district level. Aside from Kathakali, other competitive events would include Ottanthullal, Folk dance, and mime. The following link will take you to the manual for the school youth festival in Kerala.

Kerala School Kalolsavam Categories

There are four categories in which the Competitions are held.

  • Category 1: Standards 1 to 4
  • Category 2: standards 5 to 7
  • Category 3: Standard 8 to 10.
  • Category 4: Standard 11 and 12.

At the sub district level alone, Category 1 would reach its peak. Category 2 would come to a close at the revenue district level, while Category 3 and Category 4 would come to a close only at the state level.

Kerala School Kalolsavam – Grace Marks for Students

For the Kalotsavam Winners at the state level, grace marks will be awarded. The grace mark system for A, B, and C grade winners is still in place. The grace marks would be 30 for A grade winners, 24 for B grade winners, and 18 for C grade winners.

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2 Kerala School Kalolsavam Appeal Form
3 Kerala School Kalolsavam Data Entry Userguide
4 Kerala School Kalolsavam Manual
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