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2023-07-22Plus Two SAY / Improvement Exam Results June 2023 Published
2023-07-19Plus Two Examination March 2023: Answer Keys
2023-07-19Plus One Examination March 2023: Answer Keys
2023-07-07Plus Two SAY/Improvement 2023 Answer Keys
2023-07-07Plus Two SAY/Improvement Examination 2023: Question Papers
2023-07-06Plus One March 2023 Question Papers
2023-07-02Plus Two March 2023 Question Papers
2023-06-27Plus One Model Examination 2021: Question Papers
2023-01-25Plus One September 2021 Question Papers
2023-01-25Plus One March 2020 Question Papers
2023-01-24Plus Two March 2020 Question Papers
2023-01-09Kerala Higher Secondary Examination Manual 2022
2022-12-15Plus Two Second Terminal Exam Question Papers 2022
2022-12-15Plus One Second Terminal Exam Question Papers 2022
2022-12-02District School Kalolsavam 2022-23: Programme Schedule & Order of Events
2022-12-01Higher Secondary Examination March 2023: Timetable & Notification
2022-11-27Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (GPAIS) 2023
2022-11-26Merit-cum-Means Scholarship 2022-23: Guidelines & Application Form
2022-11-23Higher Secondary Practical Evaluation Guidelines 2022-23
2022-11-20Kerala Higher Secondary Plus Two Scheme of Work
2022-11-20Kerala Higher Secondary Plus One Scheme of Work
2022-11-15Topics Dropped from Higher Secondary Evaluation
2022-11-09Plus One Improvement Exam October 2022 Answer Keys
2022-11-09Plus One Improvement October 2022 Question Papers
2022-09-24Kerala Plus One Second Supplementary Allotment 2022
2022-09-23Plus One June 2022 Answer Keys
2022-09-23Plus One June 2022 Question Papers
2022-09-21Plus Two March 2022 Answer Keys
2022-09-21Plus Two March 2022 Question Papers
2022-09-04Festival Allowance, Onam Advance & Bonus 2022
2022-06-21Kerala Plus Two Results 2022
2019-06-16Kerala DA Chart
2022-11-12Kerala Education Calendar 2023-24
2019-04-28Plus Two March 2019 Question Papers and Answer Keys
2019-04-14Plus One March 2019 Question Papers and Answer Keys
2019-04-12Plus One Model 2019 Question Papers
2018-10-17Plus Two First Term 2018-19 Question Papers
2019-02-14Plus Two Model Examination Question Papers 2019
2018-12-29Kerala Plus Two Second Term 2018-19 Question Papers
2018-12-28Kerala Plus One Second Term Question Papers 2018
2018-04-15Plus One March 2018 Question Papers and Answer Keys
2018-04-14Question Papers and Answer Keys: Plus Two March 2018
2018-03-05Plus One Improvement Exam 2017: Question Papers & Answer Keys
2018-03-04Plus Two SAY Exam June 2017: Question Papers & Answer Keys
2018-03-04Plus Two First Term 2017-18: Question Papers & Answer Keys
2018-03-03Plus Two Half-Yearly Examinations 2017: Question Papers & Answer Keys
2018-03-03Kerala Plus One Second Term 2017-18 Question Papers & Answer Keys
2017-09-05Plus Two March 2017: Question Papers & Answer Keys
2017-09-02Kerala Plus One Question Papers & Answer Keys: HSE I March 2017
2016-05-08SPARK Help Desk
2016-05-04HSE March 2016 Question Papers
2016-05-04Kerala SSLC March 2016 Question Papers
2015-07-1310th Kerala Pay Revision Commission: Proposed Pay Scales
2015-05-31New Text Books for Plus Two
2015-03-09HSE March 2015 Question Papers
2022-11-10Kerala School Kalolsavam Results 2022-23
2014-08-10Ranklist Generator for New Plus One Batches 2014-15
2014-08-07HSE First Year: Plus One Improvement 2014 Question Papers
2014-08-06New Common Bill Form TR 59 (C) for Non Salary Claims
2014-07-26New Text Books for Plus One
2014-07-22Kerala School Parliament Election 2014-15
2014-05-31Scouts and Guides Units in Higher Secondary Schools
2014-05-28Additional Batches in Higher Secondary Schools
2014-03-16SSLC & THSLC March 2014 Question Papers
2014-03-03HSE March 2014 Question Papers
2022-11-10Kerala School Kalolsavam 2022-23 Manual & Guidelines
2013-10-14HSE I: Plus One Improvement 2013 Question Papers
2013-08-08KTET: Kerala Teachers' Eligibility Test 2013
2013-08-01Dhirubhai Ambani Foundation Scholarship for Physically Challenged Students 2013
2013-07-14Maulana Azad National Scholarship for Girls 2013-14: Instructions & Application Form
2013-07-13Inspire Scholarship 2013: List of Eligible Students
2013-06-30Kerala DHSE Plus One School/Combination Transfer Allotment 2013
2022-08-28Kerala DHSE Plus One Supplementary Allotment 2022
2013-06-29Plus One Second Allotment 2013: Results Published
2013-06-28Plus Two SAY/Improvement Results 2013
2013-06-21Pre-Matric Scholarship 2013-14
2013-06-14Kerala DHSE Plus One Results 2013
2013-06-13Plus One Results 2013
2013-06-11Job Vacancies in Salalah
2013-06-07HSE I Kerala Higher Secondary First Year Results 2013
2013-06-02HSE II SAY / Improvement May 2013 Question Papers
2013-06-01Kerala State Eligibility Test (SET) 2013 Hall Tickets
2013-05-23Kerala CEE Results 2013
2013-05-23KEAM 2013 Results
2013-05-19Kerala TTC (Teachers' Training Course) Admission 2013-15
2015-05-31TC Assistant 2015: TC Generation Tool for Higher Secondary Schools
2013-04-26Kerala DHSE Plus Two Results 2013
2013-04-24Plus One Admission 2013-14
2013-04-18SSLC Results March 2013
2013-04-10Kerala State Eligibility Test (SET) 2013
2013-04-06JRF - Junior Research Fellowship at KIRTADS
2013-03-12SSLC & THSLC March 2013 Question Papers
2013-03-04HSE March 2013 Question Papers
2016-01-21ITax Assistant 2016: Income Tax Software for FY 2015-16
2013-02-13Special Improvement Examination 2013 for JEE Applicants
2013-01-10Revised Fee Rates for HSE 2013-14
2013-01-07Integrated MA at IIT Madras
2013-01-05Leave Travel Concession to Kerala Government Employees
2013-01-04District School Kalolsavam 2012-13: Time Schedule & Results
2012-12-27Pre-Matric Scholarship for OBC Students 2012-13
2012-11-16DHSE First Year Improvement Results 2012
2012-11-09Revaluation Results: HSE First Year / SAY 2012
2012-10-22The Story of Silver
2012-10-20School Kalolsavam Manual 2012-13
2022-11-14Kerala School Sasthrolsavam 2022-23
2012-10-14How to Make a Banana in the Chemistry Lab
2012-10-07School Kalolsavam 2012-13
2012-09-21District Merit Scholarship 2012-13
2012-09-18Books for Maths Olympiad
2012-09-17Mathematical Olympiad 2012-13
2012-09-11MCA Entrance 2012-13
2012-08-16IDMI Scheme for Minority Institutions
2012-08-12School / Combination Transfer and Supplementary Allotment Results
2012-08-07BPL Scholarship 2012-13
2012-08-06HSE March 2012 Revaluation Results
2012-08-02HSE First Year Improvement Examination
2012-08-05Allotment to Vacant Seats
2012-07-24School / Combination Transfer and Second Supplementary Allotment Results
2012-07-17HSE First Year Results 2012
2012-07-15Income Tax Returns for F.Y 2011-12
2012-07-12HSE Say / Improvement Results 2012
2012-07-10Post Matric Scholarship 2012-13
2014-06-01CQ Assistant 2014: WGPA Calculator and Ranklist Generation Tool
2012-05-14Higher Secondary Plus Two Results 2012
2012-05-12TC Printing Tool for Higher Secondary Schools
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