Question papers of the Kerala Higher Secondary First Year (Plus One) Examination conducted in September 2021 are available for download. The Plus One examinations which were usually conducted in March had to be postponed to September due to COVID-19. Question papers are in pdf format. Students can use them for exam preparation.

Accountancy With AFS FY-249 September 20219 Download
Accountancy With Computerised Accounting FY-250 September 20214 Download
Anthropology FY-244 September 20215 Download
Arabic FY-202 September 20211 Download
Arabic O FY-214 September 20213 Download
Biology FY-226 September 20213 Download
Business Studies FY-248 September 20212 Download
Chemistry FY-225 September 20214 Download
Communicative English FY-222 September 20213 Download
Computer Application FY-246 September 20212 Download
Computer Application Humanities FY-245 September 20212 Download
Computer Science FY-230 September 20214 Download
Economics FY-235 September 20212 Download
Electronic Systems FY-253 September 20212 Download
Electronics FY-231 September 20212 Download
English FY-201 September 20212 Download
English Literature FY-223 September 20216 Download
French FY-203 September 20211 Download
Gandhian Studies FY-240 September 20212 Download
Geography FY-237 September 20212 Download
Geology FY-229 September 20213 Download
German FY-204 September 20214 Download
Hindi FY-205 September 20211 Download
Hindi O FY-215 September 20213 Download
History FY-234 September 20212 Download
Home Science FY-228 September 20213 Download
Islamic History And Culture FY-243 September 20216 Download
Journalism FY-247 September 20212 Download
Kannada FY-206 September 20213 Download
Kannada O FY-216 September 20212 Download
Latin FY-207 September 20212 Download
Malayalam FY-208 September 20214 Download
Malayalam O FY-217 September 20213 Download
Mathematics (Commerce) FY-251 September 20213 Download
Mathematics (Science) FY-227 September 20213 Download
Music FY-239 September 20211 Download
Philosophy FY-241 September 20215 Download
Physics FY-224 September 20215 Download
Political Science FY-236 September 20214 Download
Psychology FY-233 September 20217 Download
Russian FY-209 September 20213 Download
Sanskrit FY-210 September 20214 Download
Sanskrit Sahithya O FY-218 September 20211 Download
Sanskrit Sasthra O FY-219 September 20211 Download
Social Work FY-242 September 20212 Download
Sociology FY-238 September 20213 Download
Statistics FY-232 September 20213 Download
Syriac FY-211 September 20211 Download
Tamil FY-212 September 20212 Download
Tamil O FY-220 September 20213 Download
Urdu FY-213 September 20212 Download
Urdu O FY-221 September 20216 Download
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