Orders for sanctioning bonus, special festival allowance, and Onam advance to government employees and pensioners of Kerala for the year 2022 have been issued.

Bonus for Kerala Government Employees – 2022

According to GO(P) No. 101/2022/Fin, issued on August 30, 2022, a bonus of Rs. 4,000 has been allowed for employees whose gross salaries, before deducting HRA and other compensating benefits, does not exceed Rs. 35040 (New Scale) or Rs. 31608 (Old Scale) as of March 31, 2022.

Festival Allowance for Kerala Government Employees 2022

Employees not eligible for bonus will get a special festival allowance of Rs. 2750. Festival allowance rates for temporary and daily wage employees have also been detailed in the government order.

Onam Advance for Kerala Government Employees – 2022

According to Order GO(P)No.100/2022/Fin dated 30/08/2022, Onam Advance sanctioned for 2022 is Rs. 20,000 or in multiples of 1000 limited to Rs. 20,000, and the advance will be recovered in five equal instalments from the pay beginning in October 2022. Personnel who are part-time contingent workers and CLR/NMR employees are eligible for Onam advance of 6,000.

To learn more, read the orders listed below.

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