Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (GPAIS) has been implemented in the year 2011 by the Kerala State Insurance Department. It includes State Government employees, teachers, and non-teaching staff in aided schools and colleges, and employees of panchayat municipal and common service. The promised amount is Rs 10 lakh.

Since the tenure of the existing scheme ends on 31/12/2022, the Director has implemented the renewal of the the scheme with necessary amendments up to 31/12/2023.

Main recommendations for 2023

  • The promised amount will continue to be Rs 10 lakh at the existing premium rate.
  • GST applicable entities are liable to pay the same.
  • GPAIS Protection does not qualify for suicide cases, accidents arising out of alcoholism and substance abuse, and accidents arising out of the law.
  • The premium amount for accidental deaths occurring during commando operation duty to the personnel of The Indian Reserve Battalion Commandos/Women Commandos and Coastal Police shall be Rs.20 lakhs for Rs. 800. In case of accidental deaths occurring in the other way, the promised amount will continue to be Rs 10 lakh.
  • The annual premium for the year 2023 shall be deducted from the salary for the month of November 2022 by the Drawing and Disbursing Officer. It shall be deducted under the Insurance & PensionFund by 31/12/2022 under ‘8011-00-105-89- instead of the suspense title 8658-00-102-88.
  • All heads of departments, drawing and disclosure officers shall give publicity regarding this scheme among the employees, this government order shall be published on their websites and affixed on the notice boardof the office.
  • All other provisions of the orders issued so far in connection with the GPAIS shall remain unchanged and in case of any dispute, the rules mentioned in the Insurance Act, 1938 shall remain in force.

Detailed instructions and forms regarding GPAIS premium 2023 are available for download below.

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5 GPAIS Nomination Form
6 Jeevanraksha 2023 GO (P) No. 44/2023/Fin Dated 05-05-2023
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