Notification and Timetable for the Kerala Higher Secondary Examinations March 2023 have been published. The Kerala Higher Secondary First Year (Plus One) and Second Year (Plus Two) examinations will begin on March 10, 2023. Practical exams for second-year students will begin on February 1, 2023. The March 2023 Examination will include Continuous Evaluation, Practical Evaluation, and Terminal Evaluation.

Continuous Evaluation (CE) is based on the student’s learning activities during the academic year, such as grades, teacher feedback, and published work. The scores obtained in the First Year Higher Secondary Examination shall be carried forward to the Second Year, and the combined scores of the First and Second Year Examinations, as well as the grades obtained therefrom, shall determine the candidate’s eligibility for higher studies. There is no practical exam for first-year students.

Notification, Timetable and other forms relating to the Kerala Higher Secondary Examinations March 2023 are available for downloaded below.

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