The Kerala Higher Secondary Examination Manual is a complete guide to the rules, regulations, and procedures for the Kerala Higher Secondary Examination. This manual is a must-read for everyone involved in the Higher Secondary Examination process. It deals with both the Plus One (First Year) and the Plus Two (Second Year) examinations

The Kerala Higher Secondary Examination Manual includes information about the types of courses and subjects that are offered in the Higher Secondary stream in Kerala, the structure of the exam, and the grading and evaluation system which includes TE, PE, and CE.

The manual also has important information the use electronic devices during an exam. It also gives the guidelines for applying for different certificates, revaluation, scrutiny, photocopy of the answer scripts, etc. The procedure for applying for examination  concessions is also included.

The Kerala Higher Secondary Examination Manual provides information on how to handle the logistics of the exam process. Information for invigilators on how to report malpractices during the exam is also included.

The revised edition, a helpful tool for ensuring a fair, and smooth conduct of the exam is available for download below.

wdt_ID File Download Link
1 Higher Secondary Examination Manual Amendment
2 Kerala Higher Secondary Examination Manual 2022
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