The Scheme of Work for the Higher Secondary Plus Two Course has been put out by the DHSE Kerala. Term by term, the parts of each subject are broken up and put together. The scheme of work will tell both teachers and students what will be taught each term. This will create a healthy academic standard for students and make sure that tests and evaluations are done the same way every time.

The SCERT scheme of work also shows clearly which units and chapters in the Plus One textbooks are due each month. The scheme lists each unit in the Higher Secondary Plus One Course Books, how long it takes to finish each part, and how long each chapter needs to be. By clicking on the links below, readers can get the work plans for the different subjects.

wdt_ID Subject Scheme of Work
1 HSE II Accountancy AFS
2 HSE II Accountancy Computerised Accounting
3 HSE II Anthropology
4 HSE II Arabic Optional
5 HSE II Arabic
6 HSE II Botany
7 HSE II Business Studies
8 HSE II Chemistry
9 HSE II Communicative English Optional
10 HSE II Computer Applications Commerce
11 HSE II Computer Applications Humanities
12 HSE II Computer Science
13 HSE II Economics
14 HSE II Electronics
15 HSE II English Literature
16 HSE II English
17 HSE II French
18 HSE II Gandhian Studies
19 HSE II Geography Practical
20 HSE II Geography
21 HSE II Geology
22 HSE II Hindi Optional
23 HSE II Hindi
24 HSE II History
25 HSE II Home Science
26 HSE II Islamic History and Culture
27 HSE II Journalism
28 HSE II Kannada Optional
29 HSE II Kannada
30 HSE II Latin
31 HSE II Malayalam Optional
32 HSE II Malayalam
33 HSE II Mathematics
34 HSE II Music
35 HSE II Philosophy
36 HSE II Physics
37 HSE II Political Science
38 HSE II Psychology
39 HSE II Russian
40 HSE II Sanskrit Sahitya
41 HSE II Sanskrit Sastra
42 HSE II Sanskrit
43 HSE II Social Work
44 HSE II Sociology
45 HSE II Statistics
46 HSE II Syriac
47 HSE II Tamil Optional
48 HSE II Tamil
49 HSE II Urdu
50 HSE II Zoology
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