Several topics have been dropped from Kerala Higher Secondary Plus One and Plus Two evaluation system by the SCERT. The amount of information in school textbooks across the country has been cut. Kerala’s Public Education Department has looked into this situation in great detail. The matter was talked about by members of the State School Curriculum Sub-Committee. Taking into account the kids’ chances of going to college in the future, it was decided not to work on the curriculum or textbooks for now. It was also decided that it would be a good idea for students who have to take a variety of competitive exams and entrance exams to learn about all the topics in the textbooks.

But because of worries that the students taking the Kerala Board exams will be under more pressure than the students taking the other board exams, certain areas in the first and second year of higher secondary school will not be evaluated. You can download a list of the dropped topics and chapters from the link below.

wdt_ID Document Download Link
1 Dropped Topics and Chapters - Plus One
2 Dropped Topics and Chapters - Plus Two
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